Welcome To My World of Dogs

You have perhaps arrived here because you are a dog lover - and you are very welcome! Me too! It was natural that my love of dogs and my passion for photographing everyday life in Italy and France should find each other. Much of my life was spent in the world of dogs, first as a breeder and exhibitor and later as an International judge of Old English Sheepdogs.

Later, when I moved to a French hill village overlooking the Mediterranean near to the Italian border, my life became one of caring for dogs in my home when their humans went away, something I love to do. But I’ve also been blessed to be able to give a forever home to a string of unwanted and abused dogs - I’m always drawn to the oldies so it’s no wonder they get to the sofa first! We rescue them but really it is they who rescue us. It seems to me a perfect arrangement.

One of the many joys of photography is seeing my work and these ‘stories’ in exhibitions, in magazines, on posters, or people’s walls. I am currently working on a book that brings the moments and the stories together.

Most of all, it is the interaction between a dog and his or her human that fascinates me and it’s that emotion I love to capture with my camera.

Mediterranean Dog Stories - the Black & Whites

If you love Italy and the south of France – if sitting in an Italian bar, a glass of vino on the table and watching the world go by gives you pleasure and of course if you love dogs, then do browse my photography.

Dogs are a part of daily life in Italy and France. They are family. They go almost everywhere with us, restaurants and bars, most shops, the hairdresser and so on – dogs are accepted here and that changes our relationship to them -and they to us. 

Mediterreanean Dog Stories - the Colour Collection

Welcome to the Colour Collection!Here you'll find the ochres, the apricots, the russets, crumbling ancient walls - the background to the life of dogs in Italy, the South of France and Monaco. And of course the blue of the Mediterranean. The Cote d'Azur isn't so-called for no reason.

Venice, Naples, Genoa, Nice, Menton, Monte Carlo and always with a dog.  Happy memories or delights yet to be discovered.